Our farm 2020

LumiNenä Husky farm is the nearest dog farm in Pyhä. Our location is about 

1 km from the Pyhä shopping center to the way of Kemijärvi.  Our sledge dogs are husky and samoyed.

We have worked with safari dogs about 20 years.

We choose Samoyed dogs because of their character. These dogs are intelligent, sweet and friendly. We have now 10 Samoyed.

Alaskan husky are Rapa, Mitri, Luna, Taiga and Ukko.  And our new husky are only 3 months old Sipi, 6 years old Vincent and 9- years old Delco. Come and say hi to them!

Mitri and Rapa are real team leaders and they really love to run.

Luna and Taiga are sporty female leaders they are 2 years old.

Ukko is the latest sprinter to our safari teams. Ukko is 18 months old.