Prices 2020

Safari and farm visit prices:

1 km safari

25€/adult, 17€/child

2 km safari

4km safari to the Pyhä forest
8km safari to the view of Pyhä
10km safari to the Soutaja
15km safari to the basic view of Pyhä and Soutaja

Farm visit 

35€/adult, 22€/child

65€/adult, 35€/child

95€/adult, 55€ child
110€/adult, 65€ child

15€/adult, 10€ child

Special safari

Meditative dance around the fireplace

10 km safari with tee.

175€/ adult

The relaxing safari

8 km safari with tee.

Do it yourself! 

Make the sledge, choose the dogs and feed them. 4km safari. 



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